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Jayson Stirrup

Casa Hogar Cabo

In the midst of an extended, high-stress season one of the board members of our organization referred me to Samantha.

I was skeptical and wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t really understand what problem I was dealing with; all I could see were the symptoms.

Samantha asked basic and direct questions to help me uncover the origin of my work-place challenges. She helped me to make connections between problems with interpersonal relationships in the workplace, my feelings and most importantly my, reactions in stressful situations.

Samantha coached me to understand the difference between responding and reacting. I learned to hold my tongue, collected feedback, assess, reflect, share and respond both appropriately and directly to drive improvement.

Together we identified weekly goals. Discussing achievements with Samantha was edifying and encouraging. I came away from each session feeling super-charged and ready to tackle the work-week.

Samantha also prioritized family relationships. Her sharing of personal tips and strategies showed me that my desires were achievable.

Working (and that’s what it is) with Samantha put me on a path in the right direction to lead our organization into positive change benefiting not only benefactors, but also the staff, me personally and my family.

I’m a happier, healthier and more productive individual thanks to A Designed Life. 

Jude Carillo

Simplicity International

For a number of very productive years Samantha worked with us at Club Intrawest. Although a terrific sales manager, Sam truly shined in her role as trainer. She took the lead in the organization and helped develop training systems which are foundational in the company even now.”

Carronne Marino

PREC - Whistler Real Estate

They say people enter your life for a reason. As the Marketing Manager, I wasn’t officially a part of Sam’s Sales Training sessions although I would often find a way to attend. She is incredibly inspiring, very supportive and has such an unbelievable drive for success. I love the confidence she carries both professionally and personally. I’ve witnessed Sam increase both individual sales and team sales. Samantha is definitely goal driven and a high achiever. Sam is the kind of person you meet once and never forget!

Michael Miller

Snell Real Estate 

Before learning about the Dream Builders Course my day was typically started the exact same way for far too many years,….wake up, coffee, turn on the news and go about my day. I wanted a change! To set and reach my goals and dreams. I wanted more out of my personal and professional life and wanted a different perspective. Since completing the Dream Builders Course with Sam, I now wake up ‘every’ day and I start by thinking of things that I am truly grateful for in my life (this alone was a huge paradigm shift for me). I’ve set new dreams and visions and it all started by being willing to reach out and take this course. The format was great, as it allows you to work week by week with the aid of the weekly CD’s and Sam to help make sense of it all. She was a rockstar that motivated each of us in the group and helped explain everything. I can honestly say that today looks so much better than this day one year ago. Stay positive, put it out there, do the work,…..you WILL see results!! Thanks Sam

Zoe Chakiris

San Diego, California

I took the opportunity and had Samantha as my personal coach and was also in her DreamBuilder Program, twice.  She is a forthright yet compassionate person.  Having her call me on my crap was given to me in way that was easy to take and process. I was consistently urged to follow my dreams.  She holds one accountable to help propel you forward into the life dreamt of.  She has been a huge asset to me and my dreams. I recommend her highly

Crysti Reed

San Diego, CA

When I started coaching with Sam, I wasn't as skilled of a sales professional in the biotech industry as I wanted to be. I had held sales positions in the past, but had very little training; only a desire to succeed and do right by my customers. Unfortunately, not having training showed up in my numbers even though my clients loved me.When I decided to give coaching a try, I knew Sam socially. I only had a basic understanding of her profession but I knew that I liked her. I felt that I could trust her. When I started, I kept her my secret.After working through my first big opportunity with her, which I won, I knew that I had made the best decision by working with her. Sam not only helped me learn to visualize "things going right", she also got me thinking about why I was doing the job I'm doing in the first place. She tapped into my motivation and taught me about mental models. She showed me where to focus my effort and "not being a natural salesperson" was a paradigm not a reality.I've kept up coaching with Sam, because throughout our working together, she has helped me cement the lessons, kept me accountable and we continually focus on new challenges. I've risen to be a leader in sales on my team and a respected team member. I credit her coaching with helping me achieve goals that I felt were daunting at the beginning. She's no longer my secret. When I was asked at a National Sales Meeting what was the single thing I did that I contributed my success to, I said, "I hired a coach". My VP/GM, at that comment, said he was impressed and that he had used a coach in the past also and found the experience invaluable. Talk about validation! Invaluable would be a good adjective for Sam.

Ashley Engerbretson

Los Cabos Mexico

When I started my adventure. I didn’t have financial goals, plans, or any real vision for my life.. I was working making just enough to get by. I had heard about Samantha from my boss and how impactful she was in her life. I knew my boss makes a whole lot more money than me and I probably couldn’t afford to work with her but then Samantha offered a low cost workshop. Which I couldn’t afford, but I knew I needed to go. It was literally the last dollars to my name. It was workshop or dinner. I chose the workshop. I knew that this woman had a heart, was smart and meant what she was saying. She is genuine and real. I don’t know how else to say it but that was the first day of MY LIFE. I got a loan to pay for her upcoming course (which I have taken twice now) I didn’t even know how I was going to payback that loan, but I had to as I knew It was going to change me And it did. As a result, I have made massive leaps in my relationships, financial life and just all around happiness. I don’t want to say that she changed my life because to me that would mean temporary. She helped me to learn and grow so that I could change my life forever. I have moved up in my job from barely making ends meet and living in a studio apartment. To making Ten Thousand dollars a month or more. I am living in a beautiful new place where I have my art studio. I can open my windows and see the whales jumping in the ocean. These were the smallest changes. Bigger is that now, I have the best relationships with all of my family and I mean all. I have grown to love myself and appreciate what I have to offer. I have been able to give back to many people I care about in my life. I had enough savings to help myself and friends through the aftermath of hurricane Odile, to get us back on our feet. I have become a mentor for others in my profession. I ran a triathlon, learned to scuba dive, and went bungee jumping. I still am working with Samantha because I feel like continuous learning is important and I never what to stop my growth in this world.

Faryn Masso Clark

Eclectic Array

have been working with Samantha for 8 months now. I previously worked with a life coach in Dallas and had great success. I moved out of the country and fell out of my routine and was feeling stuck. After working with Sam, I immediately started tracking improvement in my business. 2 months after working with her I doubled my business and continue to improve. She works with me on things that I already know, have heard before and read in personal development books but the bottom line is she tells it like it is and holds me accountable at a higher level that I do for myself. You would think we wouldn’t sabotage our own dreams and success, but its incredible to have someone that pushes you to not just do what you do and do it well, but to find your purpose and connect with it on a higher level. I can’t imagine not having coaching as part of my life. We all have choices we make each day that lead us to either grow or decline and I choose to have coaching as part of my life so I continue to grow always.

Lauren Catanese

Destin, Florida

They say “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” And Sam came back into my life I could not have felt more ready to change my life and start living my dreams. But I didn’t know how. I’ve read plenty of self help books, taken courses, seen therapists , did affirmations, had a optimistic attitude and still found myself, single mom temporarily living in my parents beach house, making enough money to live on, my health was not where it needed to be; I was stuck, frustrated and struggling to believe that the visions of my life I have always dreamed about was never going to happen. But I still wanted it to. I needed help to get out of my own way, direction, and to understand what I was doing to keep myself seemingly moving backwards instead of up!

Along comes Sam and poof! My life shift rapid fast!! The first call she could instantly see where I was holding back, making excuses, and self sabotaging my goals. Reading her book was different than other self help books I read. It was real, no BS and got to the point in a simple easy way. Sam does not waste your time or hers, and will be your honest best friend that you have always needed. She truly cares about her clients life and doesn’t just do this for the money. She does it because she absolutely loves seeing people live their best lives. And that’s what she has helped me to do. She gave me steps to take, and I wasn’t in a place to delay any longer. I was ready for change and she was my light shining the path for me to follow. As soon as I started reading my vision every day, my mood shifted. I felt completely supported and accepted by Sam, no matter what issue or struggle came up. When you start to do the work things will come up, you are more aware of the paradigms you are living by and how they don’t work for you. It takes awareness, willingness and patience, and times where I just had to cry to let out the old. But knowing Sam was there to catch me if I fell, I felt safe enough to move through it, and I did. I started working with Sam in July, by August I was a Real Estate Broker, by September the most amazing Man of my dreams came into my life, in October I closed on not just any house, but a magical treehouse I call it that I didn’t even know could exist in Florida. Every day I wake up with gratitude saying thank you for being engaged and marrying a man who is everything and more, owning a house I still can’t believe is mine, being a Real Estate Broker and owning my own business, being in great shape and still working at it, having a close connected relationship with my son and having a step by step plan on how we are creating our Sanctuary that I have a five year plan to be. Sam completely helped me clear, heal and re-write parts of me that needed a new story. And I will always be super grateful to have her in my life! Thank you Sam from my heart!!!!

Samantha Solomon

Bangkok, Thailand

Working with Sam has been a highly rewarding experience. We started working together during a time of personal and professional transition. Sam’s philosophy of designing your own life guided me to map out my own personal future dream state. Documenting this vision was key to achieving my goals. She kept me focused and encouraged me step-by-step to realizing my dreams. Sam is pragmatic, energetic, effective and inspiring. She is the best coach to have by your side if you want to take control of your own life. Sam, thank you so much for the last 8 months. It’s truly been a great experience. I do remember you asking me if I was ‘coachable’. I hope you can now answer ‘YES’.

Soraya Ho Sing Loy

Trinidadian, Global Citizen,
and confessed Samanthaholic

Last year I faced my worst nightmare, feeling unloved and rejected, lacking in finances living in a basement, with no family in a foreign country.

Today I am happy and grateful to have had that situation, as it paved the path for my newfound success and the introduction to one of, if not the best life coach and mentor, Samantha Buckley Hugessen of a Designed Life, LLC.

Samantha’s coaching has rapidly introduced me to
“living from abundance” and “being a person of increase and gratitude” and “letting higher spirit be your guide.” This new way of belief and daily practice provided me with the self confidence and determination to create a life I never imagined possible. I went from feeling defeated to a sense of worth and purpose.

Samantha’s raw, “tell it as is approach”, has taught me the power of “What” vs “How”

I am now the creative director of my own company: Cabochicasoraya. My launch was a complete success and CaboChicaSoraya is fast becoming the trend. I have harmonious relationships with my family and friends I live knowing everything I need is within me. I am the person I admire.
A confessed “Samanthaholic “She is only interested in your success and growth.
You begin to live in a constant state of aliveness and amazement. People notice and want what you’re having!!!

UNS*UCK yourself from a life that you are conditioned to live, don’t live one year 90 times and call it a life. Let Samantha guide you to a life of endless possibilities.

Marni Portner

Great Lakes

I cautiously reached out to Sam on recommendation from one of my sales colleagues. I'd plateaued in my territory, my sales abilities, and was losing motivation fast in a job I had for only a year. I was skeptical, but my colleague assured me Sam paid for herself. This year, I ended my last quarter at 98% to my goal- she has officially paid for herself a few times over. Sam has been integral in helping establish habits of success in my sales strategy that carry over to my personal life. She has guided me towards developing positive attitudes about my job and myself. Most importantly, she recognizes and lets me power through my rough patches. She doesn't gloss over the difficulties in growing and refining oneself, she trudges along side and keeps the prize in sight. I'm starting my Q1 at a surplus, and I've just scratched the surface of mine and my territory's potential. I've grown more as a sales professional, woman, fiance, daughter, and citizen of earth this year than I have in the past ten combined. I owe a very large piece of that to Sam.

Bonnie Chase

Events By Bliss

I had worked with other coaches, read books, taken workshops, and in general had been exposed to many different angles of spiritual teachings. I was looking for something new, so I scheduled a call with Sam, and within the first 3 minutes I knew that I was going to enroll in her Dream Builders class (which I loved so much, that I took again a second time). Not only is she educating and inspiring, she’s real. I felt like I knew her the first time I spoke with her. I expected her to speak from her heart, from her experiences, and from her knowledge, but what I didn’t expect was a real person, who cracks jokes, asks insightful questions, shares personal accounts, and creates a very nurturing, comfortable learning environment just by being who she is. I have been studying with Sam for over a year now, am currently enrolled in her Life Mastery class, and I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’ve recommend Sam to countless friends and family who have and are also working with her. I’ll continue to recommend her because she’s an incredible person with so much to teach. It’s impossible to be in her environment and to not grow and feel more alive.

Michelle DeVore

Cabo San Lucas

Before I started working with Sam and the DreamBuilder course, I was very much feeling just uncomfortable enough to be ready for change. To explore how my life could flourish. To be the “Best me” I could be. I wanted more. I wanted to feel GREAT…not just “fine”. As a result, for the 1st time in my life I have truly committed to being in control of my eating issues and health. I mean REALLY being in charge and loving myself, nurturing myself like I would a friend. Taking time to eat healthy and nurture my body with love. I have lost 11.4 lbs and 22.7 inches off my body in 30 days. I feel great. I feel strong and more determined and in control of myself. Finally! No more anxiety about it. My Advise to you, if you are on the fence, JUST DO IT! Do the work. Be present. Commit. Its a very short amount of time to commit to something that can move you from mediocre to GREAT! I now feel awesome from the inside out. Now, I believe with all my heart that I deserve Greatness! I am grateful. Now I have hope for other areas in my life to receive and be open to abundance. So do you! Why not start now? If you are not ready…get ready! Cannot hurt! What if it kick starts you you’re your Greatness!???

Lynda Filler


In the life skills and sales field many of us reach different levels of success. When we come up against stumbling blocks and need to fix them or we want to go to the next level, many of us don’t know how to do this. Samantha has the skills to analyze our process, whether on a business or personal level, making us conscious of why we are achieving the results we are getting. Then she helps us find our solutions so we move forward and achieve our goals. I have worked with Sam over the years. Consistently she has been able to coach and train multi-million dollar earners to realize their dreams both business and personal

Dora J.

Venki Life Coaching

I used to go through life making lemonade and always looking at the bright side. It was until Sam asked me the right questions that I realized I had ben settling for way too long. Working with her gave me clarity and a new found confidence to go for what I truly want. It gave me the courage to make some major changes in my life and be true to myself. I am still a work in progress but now I know for sure, I am on the right track

B. Donovan

Property Manager & Bar Owner

I was in a professional rut. How do you get out of rut? You work with Samantha Buckley Hugessen. Her perspective and guidance isn’t just about growing professionally, but more importantly personally. She enabled and motivated me to see success in the small details of our business. She guided me through a sometimes tough to hear journey leading to happiness in my work place, which boiled into a happier personal life. She keeps you on your toes and keeps you accountable. If you are ready for some tough love and to make a change in this complicated world of balance, happiness and success, look no where else but Sam.

Don Stevenson

Club Intrawest

I must say that Samantha is one of the best I have ever seen. She gets to the truth and engages all the team members. She is knowledgeable, intuitive, funny, and best of all…after she left, the performance numbers spiked. Her training was quantifiable! I must warn you that she very well may create additional work for you and your management team. Samantha left us with Follow up work for individual team members that helped to keep the training fresh long after she had left. I highly recommend her as she is an amazing trainer. I also give her high marks as a personal coach.

Sheila Vaananen

Esperanza Real Estate

I love the quote from Oprah- “the only courage you ever need is the courage to live to life you want”. It wasn’t until I started coaching with Samantha and then took herDreambuilder course that I realized the real truth of this simple quote. I have so much admiration for those who are brave enough to chase after their dreams- and working with Sam has strengthened that will and courage.

Cristiana Durante

Life Coach - Rome Italy

After searching for what seems like a long time in the infinite world of coaches, I finally got to meet Samantha (through Skype as I live in Italy).

I was searching for the best coach possible, a person down to earth and spiritual. At the same time they needed to have a mixture of strength and kindness. Be a person that was successful herself and able to sustain a resolute woman, as I am.

Doing coaching with Samantha always made me feel sustained and supported, her firm gentleness has helped me figure out the deepest programs that were embedded in my subconscious mind and reprogram them which has changed my life for the better.

I think so far she is one of the best coaches I have ever known and being a successful and committed coach myself I have to say that she is completely trustworthy, competent and reliable in what she does!

Laura Altamira


Life Coaching with Sam is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. During the time Sam and I have been working together, I have gone from Sales Representative to Sales Manager to Business Owner. I’d like to think that I would have accomplished all the same things on my own, however, I know for a fact that if I had, it would have been through a meandering path and it would have taken me a lot longer! Having a definite plan, someone to keep me accountable, someone that knows me and understands my going through process, my goals and motivations has made it possible for me to turn dreams into reality. Sam’s unique coaching style and the great tools she uses have also helped turn this into an incredibly rewarding and fun journey! Can’t wait to see how the rest of it goes!

Kristi Price

Animal Advocate and now Risk Taker

First of all I need to say that working with Sam was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I had never done any type of coaching and was not sure what to expect. My life was good but I was looking for something more. A great friend of mine had worked with Sam and recommended her and after seeing the positive changes in her life I knew I needed to go for it. Dream Building with Sam was life changing for me, her strength, support, guidance and occasional kick in the pants helped me to change my entire perspective and attitude about all aspects of my life. I truly am becoming a more compassionate, understanding and motivated person each day as a result of DreamBuilding with Sam. The work is challenging but if you do it, you will find that you will change your life and accomplish your dreams, whatever they may be.Thank you Sam!

Jenni Reichert

Baja baby Gear

Before working with Sam, I didn’t know that I could choose the direction of my life. Nobody had ever explained to me that I have the right to pursue a lifestyle that I love.

Until I met Sam, that is.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Sam for many years now. She has been a constant supporting presence in my life. I’ve participated in numerous workshops, courses and private sessions. Sam has navigated me through decisions that I’ve struggled to make, enabled me to focus on the ‘can do’s’ and given me the push I needed to hear to allow me to convert my wildest dreams into the reality I now live.

Before doing this life work, I lived a very reactive lifestyle, adjusting course whenever obstacles forced me to do so. And now I’ve got a toolkit full of practical things I can do to dream big, plan my version of what’s best and enjoy my life with my family to the fullest.

Jesse Collins

Auburn, Washington 

Before I started working with Sam my life was up in the air. I had an idea of what I wanted, but had no faith that I could get it. I was getting little sleep, I had trouble with motivation, and I had trouble focusing. I did not feel worthy of the life I deserve.

Immediately after starting Dream Builders things in my life started lining up; there were miracles popping up left and right. Sam helped me realize when I put my energy into what I want it’s amazing what I can achieve. Now I am on my path towards my dreams and goal.

 Thank you so much Sam, you’re a lifesaver! 

Natalie Cervantes

Dream Builder

I have always grown up with a sense that I could do whatever I wanted in life. But I learned that knowing this and practicing it are two different things. When I first started talking with Sam I was struggling to find my purpose. I came to Cabo to do just that but things didn’t seem to be happening for me in the way I had wanted. I was working with many colleagues and managers at the time who were currently or had in the past taken one on one coaching with Sam. I started tipping my toe in. I was on a limited budget you see. So I first attended a free webinar. I was impressed at what she discussed. I liked her straightforward yet gentle approach. I wrote down some ideas of what I wanted for my life but I wasn’t completely bought in yet. Another month went by and my savings was starting to run out, money wasn’t coming in like I wanted, and most importantly I was looking for someone . . .someone special. Then I saw a way that I could do some one on one coaching with Sam. It just floated through my inbox one day. I could do a payment plan and get started. I jumped on it. I just went with my gut. Something inside me said you need to do this. We had our first session and I will never forget how I told her what I was looking for but simply doubted I could find it. And she said something that changed everything. She told me that I am getting exactly what I am focusing on. Which was not what I wanted. She told me to reframe my thinking and I might be surprised what happens. I did. And in one month I met that someone special. Not only that but they literally met every criteria I had written down that I was looking for. This was enough to continue to inspire me. We started our coaching and it has given me chills how and what the universe has been able to open up for me. As I said in the beginning, I’ve always known I could do whatever I wanted in life, but it is an on going continuous learning process. Knowing and doing are two different things. Sam’s coaching helps you continue to hone your skills, to continue to move in the direction of your dreams even when you have doubts and challenges. She helps you see past all that and get what you want out of life. Thank you Sam!

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