The Person

Samantha is a Certified Professional Coach having received her credentials from the ‘International Coaching Academy” . “International Coaching Federation” And the “Life Mastery Institute”

She has 30+ years of Sales, Sales Management and Training experience in Resort real estate sales, weight loss and other non-tangible sales industries. Always recognized as a force to be reckoned with in the sales world, with dozens of top performer awards, Samantha chose to redesign her career mid-life to fulfill her true passion as a Coach, Mentor and to develop people full time. She has held positions such as Company Trainer for Canada’s Premier Resort real estate company, Several Director of Sales rolls, Regional Director of the largest International weight loss company, VP of Sales and Operations for North Americas largest video dating service.

Samantha Buckley-Hugessen

The Professional Coach

I’m a Best-Selling Author, Mentor and Certified Professional Coach. I have 30+ years of successful Leadership, Sales, and Training experience. Always a force to be reckoned with when growing a business. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups and Solopreneurs. I use my experience in Business and Life to elevate others. More specifically, I love being a “Life Coach for Leaders” having developed several transformative coaching programs that tackle the hurdles of life and business. Pressures of carrying it all and not feeling like you have an ally or a safe place to just pause, discern and lean into that part of you that wants to embrace the knowing that you deserve an easy, yummy and abundant life. 

The women I work with and support

I know, It is lonely at the top of any organization, be it a multimillion-dollar business or your department. You are the leader; you cannot expose your fear or doubts down. You cannot mastermind down, you cannot discuss your home, your health, your finances, or your personal and private relationships down. No exposing weakness down. I get you. I am not your employer, I am not your family, I am not your significant other. I am your life coach, I am not biased, my only attachment to your outcomes, is your realized success. 

I Invite you to reach out and let’s see if we are a fit.

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