2017 Sales Bible

Sales Bible

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If you will do what is prescribed in this Journal, YOU WILL have success. This doesn’t mean sometimes do the work. It means, be consistent, be disciplined and do the work. YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS. I have trained, coached and supported thousands of people using these exact principles and practices over the years and I see it surprise and amaze people E V E R Y T I M E they apply themselves to this work… Show up, plug in and do it.

Step one:
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Step two:
You can print it at home and put it in a binder.
OR what most do is, SAVE it and have a local office supply store or similar place print and bind it for you.


​Powerful Routines Produce Powerful Results – Excellent way to start or finish your day

My personal coaching and training clients know I call this doing your PIMP.. Yes, it is ok to laugh, I know, lighten up! Download this page and print to get started.

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