The Guide to Designing The Life You Love

UNS*UCK YOURSELF is the book that will do exactly that. UNS*UCK YOU. If you know life could be better, but you’re stuck on where or how to make it better. Go click at the bottom of this page and download the book on Amazon. During the pre-launch there is giant discount and you will receive the download for only .99 cents (I promise it's gonna cost a whole lot more in November)

"Samantha has it all in this book - a compelling story, charming wit and kick-ass strategies to get unstuck with no excuses allowed." - Cathy Goddard, Lighthouse Visionary Strategies

"My cousin Sam had “big offices, big desks and big Paychecks” but she was miserable. Then, she unlocked the secrets to her best life with the help of her “P.I.M.P”, her “G.O.D” and a “Woo Woo” that I think will WOW you. Go Sam!" - Frank Buckley Anchor, KTLA Morning News. Host/Executive Producer, Frank Buckley Interview

"Sam comes from a loving place when sharing in this book, the question is are you ready to deal with the truth and make the chage? Here it is, the road map sending you on your way to a “on purpose” and Designed Life." - Don Stevenson - Singer, songwriter, founding member of "Moby Grape”

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Samantha Buckley-Hugessen

In The Book, You Will Discover:

To Learn fluid thinking that really works and fast.

A Step by step guide to Design yourself a life that YOU LOVE


By the end of UNS*UCK YOURSELF – The guide to designing the life you love. (If you actually do the work) Your life will be very different from what it is now. In a good way! DM me if you have questions - Xx Sam

Why Wait? PRE-ORDER for just 99¢ now (from Amazon):